At POW-HER, we take our patient's care seriously. Dr. Cheryl enjoys her one on one time with each patient.  She looks for the root of the problem and then works with the patient to improve not only their pain but also their weaknesses whether it's in the muscles or dietary. 

Our mission is to maintain a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team committed to providing exceptional client services and Chiropractic Care. We strive toward this excellence through continuing education, technical advances and compassionate care for all of our patients. You can help us reach and maintain this level of service by sharing your chiropractic needs and expectations. By completing this client survey, you will be a part of our team meetings and be assured that your comments will be
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"Pow-Her is fantastic and Dr. Cheryl's multi-faceted approach has been more effective than any other treatment I've tried over the years, having tried many (including other chiro's). Brian R... Rockville, MD


“Two knee surgeries left me with a painful limp and my doctor's had written me off and recommended a knee replacement. I had given up hope when a friend referred me to Dr. Cheryl. The treatment I received from Pow-Her Chiropractic gave me relief from the pain, eliminated my limp, and avoided another surgery.”
Shelley B… Brookevilla, MD


"Dr. Lee- Pow, you are a master and credit to your profession. After days of relenting heel pain, in just one treatment from you, my heel pain is practically non-existent. Again, thank you!"
Orlando D... Washington, DC


"I’m so glad I mentioned the hip problem to the doctor. After only two sessions it has finally stopped clicking. Now I just have to stretch and strengthen my muscles. Plus, the ART treatment is making the fascia less painful. I can actually walk without limping in the morning. YAY!  So, I’m all adjusted and on track for my hip and foot to be fixed for good. Dr. Cheryl Lee-Pow is a runner and athlete so she knows what I need to stay road ready."
Diana K... Olney, MD


"want to thank Dr. Cheryl Lee Pow at the First Aid tent for fixing up my crash wounds and neck/back issues at FH yesterday. She was a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend her services."
John N... Fairfax, VA  EX2 Racer


"After playing pick-up basketball for the first time in a loooonnnggg time without properly warming up, I experienced quite a bit of pain in my lumbosacral region. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cheryl Lee-Pow. My insurance didn't cover the expenses, but the appointment only cost 60 bucks and included far more than a mere chiropractic adjustment. After the appointment with her, I was taken outside to get some electric muscle stimulation and some therapeutic ultrasound, treatments that I'd usually have to schedule separate appointments more (and would usually be required to shell out extra bucks for these treatments by most chiropractors). The appointment began on time and Dr. Lee-Pow seems pretty friendly. I'd recommend her to athletes and desk jockies alike."
Sreeniket R... Silver Spring, MD


" During a 3-week hiking/walking holiday in Europe I developed connective tissue inflammation in my right leg. Severe pain while walking persisted thereafter. The M.D. said I would heal with time & rest. After 9 months without treatment, very annoying pain (while walking) still persisted and healing had virtually ceased. Then I read a newsletter article about a chiropractic technique (Graston) designed to treat my condition (Ileotibeal band syndrome). I consulted Dr. Lee-Pow a certified Graston practitioner. She applied Graston with other techniques in a series of treatments. My leg improved slowly at first, but results then accelerated so that healing was complete after 8-10 weeks treatment. My cure was 6 months ago and I have hiked 5-7 miles several times since then with no return of any discomfort in that leg. I was wary about “alternative medicine”, but Dr. Lee-Pow is very effective at her trade/profession."
Walter B. Rockville, MD


" It has been imprinted in my mind 'do not take out what you cannot put back'. Such was my first encounter with Dr. Lee Pow. It was more than two (2) years ago when I visited with my niece in Washington that I visited Dr. Lee Pow's Office after having had surgery twice on my left hand for what was diagnosed as trigger finger. I live in Trinidad & Tobago and if at any time I were to experience any similar encounter as previously outlined, I would certainly refer to Dr. Lee Pow before making my final decision. I have that kind of confidence in her expertise. I have recommended her to my niece who in turn has recommended her services to her mother-in-law. Dr. Lee Pow thank you kindly and best wishes for a continued successful practice."
Marva St. L. Trinidad & Tobago



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