Find your most basic Daily Vitamins to Sports Nutrition and Weight loss management in this section.


Nutritional Products Offers all your vitamins and supplements. There is also a page for Genetic Testing and environmentally-sensitive laundry and household cleaning products.

Greens - It's a bad flu season out there. Greens Plus is one of the best products I have ever used to recover quickly.  The minute I feel the slightest sniffle, if I remember to take my Green's Plus right away, that sniffle disappears the next day. When I don't, I pay the price.  It has such a high nutritional value you can't go wrong. Click On the Greens Plus Icon to take you to the Greens Plus order page. The powder is the best. 

Products Here you will find products in the office.

Asea - A unique product for those that like to think outside of the box.

Weight Loss For those that need a little help with dieting and portion control, this page will help.