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As busy moms, daughters, sisters, and caregivers, women tend to put themselves last in terms of priority. Despite the hefty roles that women play in caring for others, they still need to carve out solo time to recharge, renew and reconnect with their own personal goals. 
This was the concept behind creating a local women's retreat right here in Montgomery County at the Carderock Community Center in Bethesda, MD on May 3 - 4, 2014. All of the programs have been created with women's needs in mind. 
"The main goal of this retreat is to get away for a day pass or the full day and a half without going away. Most family needs require women to be closer to home for most of the year and week-long retreats are not a viable option in their schedules. At this local Women's Wellness Retreat they can re-connect with themselves through yoga, meditation, outdoor activities, kayaking, acupuncture and spa services," says Leslie Edsall, Trifecta Wellness, LLC's Director & Founder. 
The day and a half women's wellness retreat includes:
  Women's Yoga Classes – 2 Flow Vinyasa Yoga classes & a Restorative Yin Yoga class
  Setting Your Intentions & Vision Board Workshop 
  2 & 1/2 hour group Kayak Session on the C & O Canal. 
  An afternoon trail hike at Great Falls or Carderock Springs.
  Mini-spa services. (small additional fee)
  Mindful Nutrition Workshop 
  Guided Meditation and In-Ear Acupuncture 
  Use of the Tennis Court, BBQ's and Picnic Tables
  Healthy, hearty meals (gluten & dairy free, naturally vegan)
Spend the retreat in a beautiful studio space full of natural light for yoga, meditation, workshops and head outside for the outdoor activities and spa services. 
Discounted hotel rates are also available at the Bolger Convention Center for those who want to get away for a night. More information is available on the retreat web page. To see the full schedule or to register go to the Women's Wellness Retreat page.


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We are happy to anounce a new treatment technique. Rapid Release Technique!!! Check it out here.

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